Skinnydipper Sun Run Comments

Below are some comments we have received from some Skinnydipper participants.

I just wanted to write to thank you for putting on an amazing race this past weekend! My girlfriend and I both came in from out of town to participate in our first nude race event (or any event, for that matter). We have been looking to participate in something like this for some time now, but I have always been wary that some places who hosted these events might be a little dirty or shady (no offense), or wouldn't be able to put on a quality race.

I was 100% wrong on all accounts! I am so glad that we chose your facility to try our first (and definitely not last) naked run! It was an amazing area, incredibly clean, and a phenomenal set-up all around. And in addition to a wonderful facility, I was completely impressed by how well the race was organized and conducted.

I simply cannot say enough how impressed I was and how great of a time we both had this past weekend! Thank you so much for putting on a great day of events, and for making our first impression of nudist experiences one that will keep us coming back and letting it all hang out again and again!

 We made several new friends and it is great to have some other people who can enjoy life the way we do now also. We unfortunately didn’t get to trade contact info with a couple of the new people we met before everyone scattered after the awards, but it was really nice to have the experience to be out there with everyone!

We cannot wait for the race next year, and we can almost guarantee we will make it back before this summer is over!

Awesome course, awesome fun with friendly people.

I have been running on and off road for 12 years and can’t think of how you could improve this run.

Very scenic course. Enjoyed the woods and wildflowers. BBQ dinner was exceptional.

Course difficulty was a nice little challenge. Thanks for putting this on!

Very professionally run race and an excellent facility. The course was very challenging but offered nice variety. I really had a great time.

An excellent, moderately challenging course thanks to the varied terrain and the numerous switchback turns both in the trees as well as open plains. Course was very well marked with numerous course marshals to direct the participants and 3 aid stations in the first 4k. The post race activities and bbq were fabulous, awards were prompt and numerous, and timing/results were accurate and efficient.

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