Wildwood Members Support Friends of R.O.S.

Most Wildwood members know Roger & Rita and are aware of Roger’s long battle with Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia. Several years ago Roger & Rita’s son Scott began working on activities and play therapy games that would enhance the quality of his dad’s life. What began on his kitchen table is now a complete kit that helps folks like Roger and those with other issues as well.

To honor and celebrate Roger’s 70th birthday in December, Scott has established Friends of R.O.S. and is working with the National Adult Day Services Association to place kits in every adult day center across the nation. A kit costs $100 and would bring hours of activity and therapy to those who can no longer lead the active lives they once did. This is especially important to Wildwood as Roger is our second member to suffer these life changing challenges. 

Please take a look at http://www.rostherapysystems.com and contact the Wildwood office on how you can participate.

Visitors: Please contact the office before visiting. We are a gated community and unable to accommodate unannounced visits. Advance notice will ensure that visitors will have someone to welcome them.

Office hours are:
9 AM - 5 PM Friday & Saturday
10 AM - 3 PM Sunday & Holidays

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