Spent 10 days at Wildwood. Beautiful place, friendly people. Nice facilities and amenities.

I would stop here again if in the area.

Added: June 21, 2024

Such an amazing place with amazing residents, visitors, and staff. Connie is great and very welcoming. This was our second time in as many weeks and we will be going back again for sure and will probably buy a summer pass. We have already reserved our spot for the 4th of July weekend. We will be bringing our 5th wheel. The volleyball games get very intense in a great way so be ready to bring your best game. Wildwood Naturist's Resort need to be on your list to go sooner than later. We hope to see you there.

Added: June 3, 2024

Great Place to relax, meet old friends, play water volleyball and enjoy good company and conversations.

I always enjoy visiting Wildwood. :)

Added: June 2, 2024

Nice place excellent people. Will visit again

Added: May 20, 2024

Visited Wildwood for the first time this past weekend for the nude 5k series. Had a blast and really enjoyed the resort and all the walking trails. A very nice, well maintained resort with friendly staff. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for putting on an excellent 5K event. It's a long 8+ hour drive for me, but already thinking of when to return, at the least the next 5K there. Thanks again.

Added: May 16, 2024

My wife and I visited Wildwood for the first time and participated in the Skinny Dipper 5k. It. Was. A. Blast!!
At first my wife was apprehensive about being undressed in the company of strangers, but that soon melted away. We were welcomed by everyone we met on Friday evening and for the remainder of our two day visit.
The run course was a bit challenging but I finished, surprisingly, in 8th place for my age group. The dance on Saturday was also very fun and entertaining. My wife and I met some fabulous and friendly folks and we talked, laughed and danced for hours.
I CANNOT wait to visit again as soon as possible!
Thank you to the Wildwood management, residents and fellow nudist visitors.

Added: May 13, 2024

I had another great day at Wildwood yesterday. I was able to get in over 7000 steps on their walking trail. I passed a few very nice peop!e on the trail. I spoke with a few people while I was there who were nude and clothed. I was comfortable either way. I don't have a perfect body. I am getting more comfortable with my body since I started visiting Wildwood. I love being around people that feel the same way! As I was getting dressed a couple came by on their golf cart and we had a good conversation! I wish I could have stayed longer. I am looking forward to my next visit and hoping I meet more people! I am so happy to be a part of this community!

Added: March 14, 2024

I just got home from Wildwood. I had my best day as a nudist! It was over 60 degrees and sunny when I arrived.i undressed and headed for the trails. I ran into a couple of people on the trails. Exchanged hellos and kept walking. I got to the part of the trails where the residences live and where I normally turn around. I decided to keep walking. I saw a couple of people. Not sure why this was difficult for me. I went to the clubhouse to rest and I was able to talk to a few more people. At no time did I feel like I had no clothes on. I decided to stay longer than I planned and got some more walking in. Today was my best day as a nudist! Thank you Wildwood and the people of Wildwood! I look forward to my next visit!

Added: January 30, 2024

I made my third visit to Wildwood this past Friday! It was another cool Friday. About 48 degrees. I, of course, was looking forward to walking the trails. I was able to spend an hour out on the trails. It was cool and it started to sprinkle a little but well worth my visit. It is nice that I don’t have to worry about being outside without clothes. I don’t have anything on my mind. The walk is so relaxing. I passed a couple of people who were driving by. We waved. Everyone is so friendly! I am so happy I found Wildwood! I did become a member and now I am able to visit any day of the week I want. Connie is wonderful! She has made me feel comfortable each visit. I told her my reluctance to walk through the part of the park that the residents lived. She told me they would think it odd if I walked through clothed. I will work on my confidence to be able to walk through other parts of the park on my next visit. I am looking forward to my next visit. It will be a day in the 60’s which this next week it looks like every day! As always, looking forward to my next visit!

Added: January 28, 2024

I was able to visit Wildwood for a second time this past Friday. I was looking forward to walking the trails again. Temperature was in the 30s though. I called Connie to see if it was okay to visit. She warned me of the temperature and said the wind made it colder but I was welcome to visit. The sun was out and I knew if I stayed in the sunny area that I would be comfortable. I am so happy I did. I first met with Connie. I was able to ask her questions that made me more comfortable to be there. I want to be safe when I am walking trails as a nudist. I was able to walk the trails for over an hour. It was cold in the shaded area but okay in the sun. I did bring my crossword puzzle and spent some time in the clubhouse. I am looking forward to my next visit! I will be hoping for warmer weather though! Happy to have Wildwood as a place to visit!

Added: January 13, 2024
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