I enjoyed a wonderful day at Wildwood. The grounds are beautiful and the facilities very nice. It was very relaxing around the pool area visiting with the welcoming members. I am hoping for a return visit soon!

Added: March 26, 2019

Just wanted to drop a note to say what a great time Dena and I had at Wildwood. Thanks for inviting me to perform for your dance. The weather was pretty frigid but all your members made us feel warm and welcome. Hope we're invited to come perform again and we'll be sure to stop in for a visit anytime we're near.
Skip & Dena

Added: March 11, 2019

I have visited several times over the past few years and have also participated in an Annual Skinnydipper 5K Run a few years ago. I am a divorced, family orients, retired, Caucasian male who feels welcomed here with my RV. Thank-you for your hospitality. I will visit again as I travel the country enjoying life.

Added: October 15, 2018

I stopped and spent half a day there. It was very relaxing. The folks at wildwood are very friendly and welcoming. Thank you l enjoyed my time there. Hope to visit again. Paul

Added: September 3, 2018

We were unsure what to expect for a 1st time visit at a resort like this but thoroughly enjoyed our day. It ended great with dinner and dancing afterwards, which we hadn't anticipated staying for, but glad we did. Everyone we talked to made us feel very welcomed and gave us lots of insight on the overall experience that helped us feel more comfortable as the day went on. We are looking forward to another day of swimming and socializing at WW.

Added: August 28, 2018

Had a great visit, beautiful facility/community, everyone was so welcoming. The total nudity policy was very natural, comfortable and safe feeling unlike the confusion some clothing optional facilities bring. Loved the free ice availability, do wish I had tented further out from the water pump noises, next time. Thanks

Added: August 9, 2018

We visited on 8.4.18 and had a wonderful time, the grounds were perfectly manicured, the facility was beautiful and the people were wonderful...we will be back!

Added: August 5, 2018

So I visited Wildwood for the first time back on June the 15th. I chose a Sunday because I figured there would be less people there as I haven't been publicly nude since nearly 30 years ago and was feeling a bit insecure and nervous. I had never been to an actual resort before so my nervousness was due mostly to not knowing what to expect and that I might do something that would make me look like an idiot.

I was welcomed by the staff and was anxious to shed my clothes and seek out the nature trails to meander on my own and secluded by the vegetation. It wasn't much longer after that I found myself in an open area with lots of motor homes and mobile homes. I guess the introduction phase is over! Hahaha!

I ended up at the swimming pool for the rest of the day and, for most of it, I was by myself except for one other gentleman at the other end of the pool. Eventually, two couples that are frequent guests showed up and we struck up a conversation. I was thankful that they included me in their group because I, naturally, had a lot of questions to ask. They obliged and answered my questions, and after a few hours, I was back by myself again....only to realize I had gotten WAAAAAY more sun than I had anticipated!

I learned quite a bit about Wildwood, people's interactions and behaviors with one another and a little about myself. I have always enjoyed being nude but, after having been so long ago, I definitely re-lit a fire within myself. Now, having said that, my better half is not happy with my actions so, I doubt I'll be able to go back any time soon.....or if at all. But I do know one thing for sure and that is that Wildwood is an awesome experience, very clean, a family atmosphere and welcoming to visitors. I hope that I'm able to return in the future!

Added: July 26, 2018

Great day the WW!
The water volleyball and water polo was SO MUCH FUN! everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Great cried

Added: June 24, 2018

Had a wonderful time. Can't wait to get back. :!sun:

Added: June 2, 2018
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